Design Ideas for Your Attic

Are you looking for the best conversion ideas? Have you been lucky enough to have an untouched attic? If the answer to the above questions is in the affirmative, this article seeks to provide the best Design ideas for your attic.

Converting loft space provides the much needed extra spaces. When perfectly done, it can create an additional sitting room, a bedroom, a home office or even a bathroom. When it is done in the right way, it provides financial rewards in the end i.e. when selling that house. This article will highlight the best ideas for attics

* Making the ceiling stylish

Some attics have slanted ceilings and short knee walls. Attic 01There are numerous ways to deal with these types of ceilings. You can camouflage the ceiling line by painting the ceiling and the walls using the same color. For an English cottage or a cozy Victorian look, you can use a floral pattern that is pretty to envelop the room. Another way that is useful in making a ceiling look stylish is making use of rustic beams or ensuring that sloped portions are paneled

* Compensation for low lighting

Many attics do not get enough sunlight. Use of dark colors like navy blue, burgundy, or chocolate brown only help in worsening the matter. But again brighter colors like cream or white make the room look dirty during low lighting. It’s important to choose a color that is not too bright or too dark, somewhere in-between.

* Distracting the eyes from the skinny and long room dimensions

Attic 02The many attics that run the house lengths make the dimensions look skinny and long. Painting shorter walls using brighter or darker colors than the longer walls visually levels out the dimensions. Placing a bed that has a substantial headboard next to the wall has a similar effect. If the room has a large space, the bed can be placed at an angle with the purpose of virtually breaking up the long rectangle. Another way is to divide the large room into a sitting area and a bedroom

* Maximizing the use of skylight and dormer windows

If you have a single dormer window that is large, it’s important to place the bed at the opposite side of the window so that so that you can get a view of the beautiful rising sun when you wake up. When you place the bed under skylights, you feel like you are sleeping just under the stars.

For better understanding, you can Google ‘Design ideas for your attic’ to get other ideas and also for pictorial views. Seeing the pictures will give you a better understanding.