Things Professional Movers Will Not Move

Figuring things that movers will not move can be stressful and confusing. In any case, moving is not something you do daily. Therefore, before you begin packing your items, you should know the things that will not be transported by matco moving solutions edmonton. This is necessary to ensure you do not have to unpack all your things again.

What movers do not move

Plants may be moved across the town. However, they cannot be moved for long distances. In fact, it is illegal to transport them for more than 150 miles without having a special license. The main reason for this is that some pests and predators can hitch on the house plant and thereby introducing them into a new location.

Hazardous Materials
Some things are not really hazardous, but they are considered so. These include paint, cans, batteries, aerosol, fire extinguishers, and many more. Fortunately, every mover you contact will provide you with a list of items it considers hazardous that it won’t move. The general rule, in this case, is that if you cannot dump something nor ship it, then the mover will equally not move it. It is advisable to use such items before you move. Ensure you dispose of the remaining ones properly.

Perishable food
This makes sense that movers will not move anything that is likely to spoil. Such things include frozen food, perishable food, and open containers. Ensure you consume all you can before the move. Moreover, you should move your food into a cooler yourself.

It is possible you may have known this. Movers cannot move black powder, ammunition, propellants, primers, or souvenir explosives, which you have.

Pets are some of the things that movers do not move. Put your pet in the car or plane with you. If you fail to plan how to move the pet with you, you will find it stressful to leave it behind.

Flammable items and corrosives
Flammable items are hazardous in nature. Therefore, use them or discard proper things like charcoal, kerosene, lighter fluid, and much more before the move. On the other hand, corrosives include nitric acid, batteries, and muriatic acid. If you want to move batteries, ensure they are a non-spillable type.

These include things such as cash, jewelry, important documents, and trading certificates. All such things have no place in the moving van. The reason here is to avoid losing such important things during the move.