Blocked Drains and Drainage Problems

The population of the country continues to grow; it has led to a high number of people moving to the urban centers. In fact, people are migrating into towns and big cities in search of greener pastures. This is giving construction workers hard time when designing and building new drainage systems capable of sustaining the growing demand.

Drainagman fixing toilete pipes can be very messy. It can block waste water from draining away which can be very smelly. Therefore, you must
understand some of the problems as far as drainage system are concerned. This article is going to highlight some of the common drainage problems to help you.

Main Causes Of Drainage Problems

Slow drains and backups

This is caused by fats, oils, block drain lines and at times grease traps as a result of excessively dumping waste into the sink and the floor.

Municipal surcharges

The levels of FOG usually cause this, BOG AND TSS waste emitted and deposited into sewer lines by industries.

Waste water plant disruptions

At times, customer operations can disrupt treatment of water by killing the water treatment chemical


Pooling mostly affects the yard. It can be very disastrous to your garden or lawn after heavy rains. Oxygen will not reach the roots of your plants if drainage in your garden or lawn has been poorly done. This will prompt the growth of fungus that may further damage your plants.

Drainage systems have a lot of concerns for businesses and homeowners nowadays. Some drains are very old, and it has become apparent that they need repair or are blocked. Your drainage can be fixingblocked because of various reasons such as waste buildup, corrosion, leakage, and many more. These drains can drain your pocket on maintenance charges. Therefore, you should note the problems and solve them early enough.

Drains are installed underground. Therefore, if a blocked drain is left for quite long, you may have to access it by digging it up. This can cause a lot of hassle not only for you but your neighbors too. As you know, blocked drains are unhygienic and smelly. There are many reasons why your drains are blocked.

It is necessary to get rid of these drains by contacting professional drainage services company. Such companies use modern methods to detect leakages and damages such as core lining, CCTV surveys, and high-pressure water jetting.