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Ways Of Keeping Your Water Pipes Clean

Cleaning your water pipes is an important process when it comes to plumbing maintenance. The fact is that pipes are prone to becoming clogged with debris, lime deposits in some cases even roots grow in them. All these can cost you regarding repairing the pipes, and it is, therefore, vital that you try as much as you can to keep them clean. You can hire Anaheim plumbing for such types of works. It might sound like something which is impossible, but a few simple practices can help you maintain your pipes thus saving you from costly repairs.

Ways to keep pipes clean

Use Commercial Cleaners

There is a range of commercial pipe cleaners available on the market that will help you to keep your water pipes clean all the time. These cleaners have heavy chemicals that will eliminate rust, lime and fixing pipecalcium deposits that have accumulated in the pipes over some time.

You would need to pour the cleaner into your main water supply pipe, but you must ensure that you flush the cleaner out before you start using the water again at home. It is important that you get the right cleaner because some of them are very good at cleaning the pipes but others will end up eating the pipes leading to leaks and other damages. If you are not sure about what cleaners are the best, seek professional guidance.

Install Water Softener

The majority of people live in areas that have hard water. Hard water contains a high amount of minerals like lime and calcium. You can tell your water is hard if you see white flakes building up around your sink basin, faucets, and shower heads. These minerals can build up in your pipes but by installing a water softener, you will be able to take care of this problem. These softeners work by circulating water using a pipe that contains potassium or salt filter to trap the water minerals thus you will have cleaner pipes for that matter.

Consider Lime Removals

The lime buildup in hot water pipes is a common thing. The reason is hot water dissolves the lime, so it freely flows in the water, but when it plumbercools down, lime does settle inside the pipes. This reduces the flow of water due to clogging. To get rid of this, get lime remover and add to the tank water and allow it to settle down for few minutes then run the hot water through pipes and faucets until you see clear water that is free from bubbles and form. If you cannot handle the process, seek professional services.