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Yonge: The Home Of The Future Highest Tower

The city of Toronto in Canada is filled with high rise condominiums. Along one of its famous streets, Yonge, you will be able to see new and old buildings and, soon, more condominiums are coming. Pinnacle International has just bought some land from Toronto Star wherein 5 to 6 high rise towers will be built. These towers that will be overlooking the lake, as well as the Toronto Skyline, will be considered as the highest towers in Canada. Hence, adding more fame to Yonge, which is known as the longest street in the world.

1 Yonge

city light Another one will be at 7 Yonge, and the rest of the buildings will be in different locations. The condominium that will be built along Yonge Street will offer about 4,100 units for residential purposes. The tenants and owners will get to enjoy a luxurious place for shopping, entertainment, as well as restaurants. The corridors and lobbies will be modernly designed, and the wide space will offer a seating area for all the residents. A high-speed elevator will be provided too to make it easier and more comfortable for the people to go up to their units.

Yonge Community

Pinnacle International is planning to make a new landmark along Yonge street that people with different lifestyles would definitely love. It is going to be an amazing place for the people to go for shopping and dining. Several amenities to be used for entertainment purposes will be included too. The site will have about six million square feet to be offered for accommodation and three stories to be leased for those who are into retail shops.

The corridors and lobbies will resemble that of the glamorous hotels that will give all the residents a feeling of being class and elite. The sidewalks surrounding the tower will be provided with wide space too, and a courtyard with beautifully landscaped grounds will be in the middle of the tower.

Condo Units

city lightsThe condominium units will come in different sizes and styles that will surely fit your taste. You will be able to choose from studio type, 1 bedroom, and 2-3 bedrooms depending on your requirements. If you want to experience a luxurious living, you may opt for the spacious suites overlooking either the lake or the city. All the units will be equipped with amazing bathrooms, living rooms, as well as kitchen and laundry areas.